Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry Dad

I've been thinking, maybe it's not a good idea to have a picture of my dad on here. From now on I'm just gonna use this nice pic. It's a Tuna getting his face cut off with a rusty saw.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Father knows best

I was talking to my Dad today, he has always been supportive of my comedy and he freely admits that he has no idea what I do, or how I do it. He did however give me some good advice.

The conversation basically went like this;
Dad "John, make sure you don't do anything raunchy, the people don't like that"
Me "Huh, yeah, well I don't really do anything too raunchy Dad"

(I did a show called "Shut The Fuck UP" where I told stories about how I shit my pants in my car. I invited one of his good friends and his family from the mid-west to see this show. I didn't ask for feedback.)

Dad "Yeah, I mean raunchy stuff isn't that funny, I don't think people like it"
Me "Well I think I have a good idea of what is funny, so I don't think you have to worry"

(I made a movie called "John Eats Dirt", the plot was pretty simple.)

Dad "You just don't want to get a reputation"
Me "I think I have a good reputation"

(I've been cast as a rapist or a gay guy multiple times.)

Dad "Yeah, well you do what you want, just don't make fun of your mother or me, you don't do you"
Me "Of course not Dad, I love you guys!"

(See picture at top of page)

I'm Back

Holy, shit, I'm back on the attack.

I know that I've abandoned all of you, and I apologize, but I promise to update this site daily, it will be therapeutic.