Saturday, December 08, 2007


Some people may not know who this blog is named after. Well, it's named after my cousin, ROCKDEATH.

ROCKDEATH was born in East Germany in 1972 and devoted his life to "rocking das ballsens" which loosely translates to rocking your balls off.

ROCKDEATH believed that he was a "Captain of the Rock & Roll ship of dreams" and spent all his energy touring the world, "rocking das peoples" and trying to bring the wall down. He continued to tour even after the Berlin wall came down, mostly in South America. Shortly after his death in 2007 it was learned that ROCKDEATH never knew that the wall actually did come down.

ROCKDEATH was my cousin and we looked alike which lead to a lot of confusion whenever he was around.

ROCKDEATH visited a few times before his death, wreaking havoc on my apartment and my friends, both male & female. One whiff of ROCKDEATH's pungent stench would send most people into a sexual fervor.

Riddled with STDs, whenever ROCKDEATH entered a room, everyone contracted a myriad of exotic diseases simply by being in his presence.

ROCKDEATH was an amazing artist known for his marathon solo performances. He would go from playing millions of people in an open air stadium, to playing for the planet in the center of the jungle, or alone atop a remote mountain.

ROCKDEATH "died" during one of these performances with witnesses reporting that he simply vanished while executing one of the most intricate song arrangements ever devised. There have been unconfirmed reports that ROCKDEATH rose from the dead three days after his final epic performance. Evidence of this resurrection remains inconclusive.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Time Travel

I'm researching time travel, shit's crazy. It makes my mind explode just thinking about it, like this:

But what really makes my mind explode is the reasoning Stephen Hawking gives as to why time travel can't exist.

Get ready, it's crazy complex, get out your chalk board, and put on your science coat:

Stephen Hawking once suggested that the absence of tourists from the future constitutes an argument against the existence of time travel—a variant of the Fermi paradox. Of course this would not prove that time travel is physically impossible, since it might be that time travel is physically possible but that it is never in fact developed; and even if it is developed, Hawking notes elsewhere that time travel might only be possible in a region of spacetime that is warped in the right way, and that if we cannot create such a region until the future, then time travelers would not be able to travel back before that date, so "This picture would explain why we haven't been over run by tourists from the future."

Are you kidding me, how simple is that, no time tourists = no time travel. Makes sense to me. Also there's this little tidbit, under the non-physics based experiments headline.

Several experiments have been carried out to try to entice future humans, who might invent time travel technology, to come back and demonstrate it to people of the present time. Events such as Perth's Destination Day or MIT's Time Traveler Convention heavily publicized permanent "advertisements" of a meeting time and place for future time travelers to meet. These experiments only stood the possibility of generating a positive result demonstrating the existence of time travel, but have failed so far--no time travelers are known to have attended either event. Although it is theoretically possible that future humans have traveled back in time, but have traveled back to the meeting time and place in a parallel universe.[28] Another factor is that not all time travel devices under current physics (such as those that operate using wormholes) permit their users to travel back to before the time machine was actually made[29], rendering such tests useless.

If anyone knows of a "Time Traveler Convention" please let me know.

But as I delve deeper into time travel, I learn that there are individuals who claimed to be from the future, and other people believed them. Some of these "time travelers" just posted something on message boards talking about the future and that was enough evidence for "current timers" to believe them.

I would like my name to be added to the list of time travelers:

"Hey guys, this is John, but my future name is Jon, it's sleek and streamlined like the future I come from. I'm from the future, year 2052 (it helps when you make the year believable), it's crazy in the future guys. Oh man, I could tell you so many crazy stories about hover cars, and hover boards, and hover food. Also, bet you guys didn't expect the dinosaurs to come back did ya? Well they didn't, but that would be a crazy future wouldn't it. Anywho, no aliens yet and no Mars colony yet, but we did send a robot to Venus again. Hmm, what else, well there were a couple new wars, a couple new Nostradamus predictions, and a few more Hawaiian Islands. Other than that, the future is pretty normal. Oh, I remember what I meant to tell you guys, be careful, the future is not as "open wide" as that gay band said it was. Ok, well give me a call if you ever make it to 2052ish. I'm gonna go fuck with my parents, I'll be all like, "you're son will be evil" It'll be funny."

Ok, so that's my post about time travel.